Exercise and a workout routine are keys to good health. The simplest way to keep a body fit is to follow a workout religiously. For some of us, that means joining a gym and following the footsteps of a trainer. For others, it means creating a gym at home. Not every person has the time and luxury to go to a gym for adequate strength training. A garage gym gives freedom. It can be used to exercise whenever possible and with whichever equipment be it fitness rocks 300lb weight set or rogue color training 2.0 plates.

For fitness enthusiasts, the extolling the benefits of exercise is redundant. But for those who are new to a healthy lifestyle, https://teens.webmd.com/benefits-of-exercise#1 gives a self-explanatory picture. In this particular piece, the focus is on strength training using weight plates in an Olympic weightlifting barbell. The advice here is to put in a one-time investment on some top-notch bumper plates or steel plates. They may seem a heaving financial burden, but they are worth it. High-quality weight plates last for a long, long time and are essential for power training.

There are two types of plates mentioned above – bumper and steel. Generally, individuals are unable to differentiate between the two. So, let’s define them. A bumper plate is made of rubber, entirely. The dense material allows them to be dropped from overhead without any safety issue. They are wider because more rubber is required to get the same weight at that of a steel plate. This makes them more expensive. Also, the wear and tear of bumper plates is faster. Think about it, how long will a plate that is continuously being dropped from overhead last?

Iron plates, on the other hand, are smaller, cheaper and very durable. Steel plates are available in any sports store. Even after decades of use steel plates will remain functional because it is the weight that matters and not the outer look of the plate. A keynote here is that some steel plates come with a rubber coating. These are not the same as bumper plates, so do not be confused. Another tip while shopping for steel plates is to weight them. If you are opting for cheaper iron plates, chances are they might not weigh as much as they say.

Now that the difference between the weight plates for an Olympic barbell is clear, it is time to choose the one that is best fit for you. The most crucial point to remember while buying weight plates or any weight training gear for a garage gym is your capacity. A rookie mistake is to buy weights that are too big and heavy for your fitness. Begin with light weights like 25lbs. Build your strength with them. Add on a 10lbs plate when you get comfortable with 25lbs.

Strength and endurance training is an incremental process. Starting with a 50lbs weight plate set will not lead to a fit body. To completely milk a lifting cycle of its value the trick is to add minor weight to every lift set.

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