yerba mate

A new type of tea has taken the world by a storm – yerba mate. Available online on, it is known as the tea with a history. It has been long used by athletes is countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Generally drunk by runners, football and rugby players the drink is almost an equivalent of coffee for them with some extra advantages. Created by drying stems and leaves of a naturally found shrub in South America, it has average caffeine content.

Served in the dried out shell of a gourd, the tea can be easily made by following these steps It is just not as a caffeine-fix that the drink has seen popularity. Surveys and experiments prove that when consumed before a workout regime it helps increase fat metabolism. When used before light and average intensity exercise, it results in fat-loss without affecting the performance of the individual. Because the percentage of caffeine is towards the lower side, scientist believe it is some other component, like saponins, in the tea that boosts metabolism,

The herbal tea has a similar level of caffeine. 20 grams of yerba will yield approximately 220 milligrams of caffeine if it is brewed Argentine-style. Based on the preparation, a cup of coffee contains 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine. These statistics show that yerba tea is very similar to coffee. The addition of vitamins and other natural compounds make the drink a notably healthier alternative to coffee.

These health benefits are one of the reasons companies used yerba to create energy drinks. It is available in many forms:
• Canned
• Bottled
• Powdered
• Packaged Shots

Drinking any form of the herbal tea is said to enhance the performance of the drinker. But before you go looking for a can of mate tea or a metal straw to sip through a gourd consider the not so pleasant smell. Yerba tea is touted to have a smell like hay and taste like wood-chips. The two together do not sound like a pleasurable drink. Further, researchers are still debating if the tea is as beneficial as it seems. There may be hidden health pitfalls of consuming the natural drink.

For those who are not used to the beverage, it can create gut distress. The same was seen in many athletes. It is believed that it is the potent combination of the plant compounds that cause the issue. Another reason the drink has raised red flags is the way it is prepared. Most researchers agree that the components of the plant are not the cause of any health problems. It is the method of preparation that results in harmful side effects.

See it as an herbal tea or as an enhancement beverage or a liquid vegetable that offers every health advantage; there is no denying the beauty of it. Yerba tea is a potent mix of minerals and vitamins that many big shots in the sports world have sworn too. So, why not buy the tea and try it at home?

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